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Morocco Desert Activities

Here is what you can do and see in Morocco’s Sahara Desert. Join one of our Desert Tours and benefit from multiple choices of desert activities whether in Merzouga or Erg Chegaga. You will live unforgettable moments.

Do You think that Desert is Burren Westland?

So, you must follow us to the Magical Merzouga Desert Desert!

Top 9 Desert Activities In Morocco

Camping in the Desert of Morocco is incomplete without different experiences. In Morocco Trips, offers you multiple choices of Desert Activities to make your holiday in Morocco a lifetime.

Desert Hiking in Morocco’s Sahara Desert – Hinking Dunes

Embark on a journey of hiking the impressive dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga. The adventure will let live an unforgettable experience in the desert. Hiking the Erg Chebbi dunes allows you to feel the golden soft sea sand of Merzouga, enjoy the wind, and live the adventure.

Desert hiking starts before sunset. You leave with the group at your desert camp and walk to the Erg Chebbi dunes where your hiking experience starts. The goal is to reach the highest dune in Merzouga and attend the breathtaking view of the sunset.

The Best Quad Biking & Buggy Riding in Morocco Desert

Quad biking and buggy riding in Morocco’s Sahara Desert offer more than just an adrenaline rush; they provide a unique opportunity to connect with the raw, untouched beauty of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes. It’s a chance to leave ordinary life behind and embrace the untamed spirit of the desert, to feel the pulse of adventure beat in harmony with the rhythm of the sands.

Quad biking and buggy riding in the Saha Desert of Morocco is a greater opportunity for both, people who love biking and also for those who never try…

Sand Bath in Morocco: A Desert Activity or Rheumatism Cure?

A sand bath is a desert activity and traditional treatment for people who suffer from pain in their bonds and arthritis (rheumatism). Today Merzouga’s Desert is an international hospital for rheumatism and people come from all over the world for this traditional cure. The process of this operation is to bury your buddy in the hot sand. The hot temperature makes your buddy wet which helps in arthritis cure. Some people and even if they don’t have rheumatism, take a sand bath for fun.

Sandboarding in the Erg Chebbi Desert & Erg Chegaga Dunes

Locals in the Sahara Desert of Morocco discovered a lot of desert activities for fun and enjoyment including Sandboarding. This thrilling activity combines the joy of snowboarding with the awe-inspiring beauty of the vast and mesmerizing Saharan landscape.

The highest dunes of the Morocco Sahara Desert make sandboarding easy to experience. Both Erg Chebbi Dunes and Erg Chegaga Dunes are good for sandboarding. The golden sea of sand dunes provides an otherworldly backdrop for sandboarding enthusiasts to enjoy an adrenaline-packed adventure. Here’s what you can expect from a sandboarding experience in the Sahara…

Morocco Camel trekking in the Sahara Desert

Camel Trekking is what makes your Morocco Desert Tour an unforgettable one. So, it’s necessary to prepare for a camel trekking journey with a professional camel-man or to be sure before booking with a local travel agency in Morocco that they offer Desert Activities including Camel Trekking.

Camel is the best transport to explore the Moroccan Sahara such as the famous Erg Chebbi dunes in Merzouga and Erg Chigaga Desert in M’hamid E’lghizlan. Upon your arrival in the Merzouga Desert, a professional man teach you how to treat the camel and give you an overview of your journey on a camel.

Enjoy the Breathtaking Sunset and Sunrise in the Sahara

Attending the panoramic sunset and watching the breathtaking sunrise is a desert activity that you mustn’t miss during your holiday in Morocco’s Sahara. Watching the sunset or sunrise in the desert starts with a hiking experience to reach the top of the dune for a full panoramic view. All the conditions in the desert make an awe-scenery moment of sunset that you can never attend in other places. Desert sunset is not less than the sea’s sunset or sunrise. The difference is that you can see the reflection of the sunset on the blue sea but the reflection of the sunset on the sea sand makes a golden color that feels awesome on your eyes.

4X4 Journey in the Morocco Sahara Desert - 4x4 dune bashing

A 4×4 journey in the Sahara Desert of Morocco is a great activity for those who love SUVs vehicle. The journey by 4×4 in the desert takes you to the attractions of the desert and venture experience. Your driver will take you from your desert camp or hotel in Merzouga and take you on a journey to the famous village of Khamliya, a village of blacks known as Gnawa. You will explore nomads’ life by joining a local family for a cup of tea. Then, you head to the ancient oasis village of Hassi l-Biad. For lunch, it’s better to try the Berber Pizza called Medfouna…

Desert Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Morocco - Health Care

Yoga class in the desert of Merzouga is a wonderful experience for those who love Yoga. People who tried desert yoga before found it a true solution for overcoming life’s stress, and an experience worth traveling for. The story of desert yoga in Morocco begins when a group of tourists was camping in the Merzouga Desert and one of them suggested to make a session in the desert; once they tried it, they found it practical. For them, it was the best yoga session they have had so far. Here are the different benefits of yoga in the desert:

The Top 1 Day Trip from Merzouga to SafSaf

For those who love adventures and go through unique experiences, In Morocco Trips offers you a marvelous desert activity to the Safsaf Oasis in the region of Merzouga for a real adventure. You can customize a day trip to Safsaf Oasis when your desert tour ends and you have more time in Morocco or while you’re in Merzouga and look for what to do! This day trip is the right choice for you to have a memorable souvenir in Morocco and have an unpopular experience. 

We will start our adventure in the morning…

FAQ About Morocco Desert Activities

What time is sunset in Merzouga in November?

Around 18:00 Pm
What time is the sunset in Merzouga in July?
Around 18:10 Pm
What time is sunset in Morocco in December?
Around 18:20 Pm to 18:30
What time is the sunrise in Merzouga in October?
The total day’s hours in Merzouga during October are 11.4 hours of daylight. The sunrise at 7:18 AM and sunset at 18:44 PM.
Is the desert sunset and sunrise worth experience?
Sunset and sunrise in the Sahara of Morocco are charming moments that you shouldn’t miss. 
Which language or variety is spoken in the Sahara Desert of Morocco?
Amazigh and Arabic Moroccan Darija are the spoken varieties in the southeast. However, Hassania is the spoken variety in the South of Morocco by the Sahrouian. 
How long Merzouga to Fes?
There are approximately 462 km from Fes to Merzouga and about 7h of drive. 
How long Merzouga to Marrakech?
There are approximately 557.2 km from Marrakech to Merzouga and about 8h of drive. 
Is the Morocco Sahara worth visiting?
Yes of course. Visiting Morocco is incomplete without visiting the Sahara Desert. Morocco Sahara is a charming landscape that you must visit during your holiday in Morocco. 
What are the best attractions on the way to the Morocco Sahara?
Several attractions in the south of Morocco can’t be counted all, but I will give you some:

  • Tizi n’Tichka Pass
  • Ouarzazate Studios
  • Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah
  • Taliouet Kasbah
  • Kalat Megouna
  • Thousand Kasbahs Road
  • Dades Gorges
  • Todgha Gorges
  • Merzouga Desert
  • Erg Chebbi Dunes
  • Hassi el Biad
  • Khamlia Village
  • Rissani
  • Daraa Valley 
  • Zagora
  • Erg Cheggaga
Is Camel Trekking a Safe Desert Activity?
Yes. Camel trekking is a must-experience desert activity in the Sahara of Morocco to make your holiday an adventurous one. But, it’s important to try camel trekking with a professional camel man.
How long camel trekking takes?
It depends on the type of your booked tour. If you book a normal desert trip, the camel trekking in the desert takes from 30min to 1h to reach your destination. But if you book a long camel trekking tour in the desert, it may take hours each day.  
Should I take my luggage with me during the camel trek?
No. Not necessary to take all your luggage with you during your camel trekking ride. Instead, you can take the only things you need in this experience including water, sunglasses, and comfortable clothes. However, if you have anything from your luggage that is necessary to bring with you, so you should take it.
Is Camel a predator or a Pet animal?
Camel is a lovely pet and live with nomads for several decades. But it’s important to know how to treat him. And that’s why some local professional men and women were raised with camels and they know very well when they should be close to camels and when not to touch them. Also, it’s the traditional eco-transport in the desert and the best way to explore the Desert. 
Where to camp in the Morocco Sahara Desert?
The tourism sector in Morocco is well-developed and the government deals with all details that take off the comfort of tourists including five-star hotels, restaurants, tour guides, and transport. Also in the Sahara Desert, there are multiple choices of accommodations including hotels and bivouacs in the heart of the dunes, so that, you can choose from what suits your need. Furthermore, there are the traditional Berber Tents for a 100% local desert experience.
Is it safe to sleep in the desert?
Yes. Morocco Sahara is safe and you can spend the night outside the tent for the whole night enjoying the charming starry sky and feel the clean air. Desert night is something you shouldn’t miss during your stay in the Sahara of Morocco. But always take caution where ever you go.
Is it so expensive to camp in Morocco Sahara?
No, you have the choice of whether to camp in the desert at an expensive price or to camp at a cheap price. You can camp in the desert of Morocco at an affordable price. But you have to choose the right travel agency and the best accommodation for you. 
Is sandboarding a safe desert activity?
Yes. Sandboarding is a fun activity and even if you fall on the sandboard nothing will happen to you because of the soft sand.
Can non-professional sandboarders try this activity?
Even if it’s your first time experiencing sandboarding, it’s an activity that anyone can participate in and live a memorable moment. Sandboarding doesn’t require any hard guidelines.
Is it safe to bury yourself in the desert?
Yes. People who live in the south of Morocco used to bury themselves in the sand many years ago and nothing happened to them. There has never been an accident or a problem that happened to someone because of burial in the Sahara. But, it’s important to have the experience with a professional man for your safety. 
Can anyone experience a Sand Bath or burial in the desert?
No. Professional buriers in the desert advise people who have serious diseases such as heart disease to not participate in this desert activity or cure treatment (for people with arthritis symptoms).
How long I should stay buried in the sand?
If the sand is very hot, you can stay for 10 to 15 minutes maximum. And if the sand is not too hot and the sun is a little colder, you may stay from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
For what reason do Moroccans bury their bodies in the sand?
People in the south of Morocco used to bury themselves in the sand because they believe that getting wet under the sand and being warmed is a better cure for rheumatism. And because several people get batter after the treatment, burial in the Sahara of Morocco become famous and people come from all over the world to take this traditional cure. Also, people can bury themselves in the sand just for enjoying the experience. 
Where can I find a buggy or a quad bike in the Desert?
There are many agencies in the desert of Morocco, such as the Merzouga Desert, that offer buggy and quad bikes for rent.
Can I drive a Buggy or a Quad bike in the desert without a driving license?
Yes. But you will have a professional driver who will be with you during your journey for guidance and for your safety as well. 
Can I have a Quad driver who can take me on a journey in the desert?
Yes. There are many experienced quad drivers in the desert of Morocco who are ready to take you on an adventure journey to the most beautiful places in the desert. 
Can you hike in the Morocco Sahara Desert?
Yes. Morocco’s Sahara Desert offers gorgeous high dunes that you can explore via hiking. People from different countries come to Morocco to experience a lifetime desert hiking and now it’s the famous in North Africa.
Which Morocco Desert is Best for hiking?
90% of south Morocco is a desert, but the famous ones are the Merzouga and Erg Chegaga Desert. Merzouga is know with its beautiful golden desert and erg Chebbi Dunes which is famous for hiking. Also, there are the dunes of Erg Chegaga which is located in M’hamid desert and are considered the highest dunes in Morocco so that it offers a lifetime hiking experience.