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Sandboarding in the Erg Chebbi Desert & Erg Chegaga Dunes

Sand Surfing in Morocco’s Sahara Desert – Erg Chebbi & Erg Chegaga

About Sandboarding Desert Activity in Merzouga Desert or Erg Chigaga Dunes 

Locals in the Sahara Desert of Morocco discovered a lot of desert activities for fun and enjoyment including Sandboarding. This thrilling activity combines the joy of snowboarding with the awe-inspiring beauty of the vast and mesmerizing Saharan landscape.

The highest dunes of the Morocco Sahara Desert make sandboarding easy to experience. Both Erg Chebbi Dunes and Erg Chegaga Dunes are good for sandboarding. The golden sea of sand dunes provides an otherworldly backdrop for sandboarding enthusiasts to enjoy an adrenaline-packed adventure. Here’s what you can expect from a sandboarding experience in the Sahara:

  • Fun: Unlike traditional snowboarding, Sandboarding doesn’t require an experience, because most of the participants do it for fun and enjoyment. But there will be a professional man with you to guarantee your safety. And who will provide you with the necessary guides on proper techniques for a safe sandboarding experience. The guide includes how to wear the boots that attach to a sandboard, how to slide down the dunes, and how to use your body on board. 
  • Mesmerizing Scenery: usually, sandboarding in the desert starts in the afternoon when the golden sea sand gets cold and the sun starts down. So, you will enjoy both sandboarding and the breathtaking views. 
  • Hiking dunes: before you try sandboarding, you should hike the top of the dune, and you will do it many times until you get enough of this exciting experience. 
  • Photography Opportunities: The unique landscape of the Sahara offers plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photographs. Whether it’s action shots of sandboarding activity in motion, panoramic vistas of the desert, or the vibrant colors of the setting sun, you’ll have memorable moments for souvenirs in Morocco Sahara.
  • Cultural Experience: Sandboarding in the Sahara is not just about the sport; it’s also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Morocco. Many tours combine sandboarding with visits to local villages, traditional nomadic camps, and camel treks, allowing you to learn about the history and customs of the desert-dwelling communities.
  • Sunset Magic: One of the most magical moments of sandboarding in the Sahara of Morocco is experiencing sunset over the high dunes. As the sun sets, the shifting colors of the sand create a stunning display of hues that dance across the landscape. The serene beauty of the desert at sunset is an unforgettable sight that adds an extra layer of wonder to your sandboarding adventure.

Sandboarding in the Sahara of Morocco is a must-experience for those who love adventure, fun, and enjoyment. Whether you’re an experienced sandboarder or a first-timer, this unforgettable activity promises an adventure of a lifetime.

Highlights of desert Sandboarding

  • Desert Camp in Merzouga or in Erg Chegaga
  • Hiking high dunes
  • Enjoy sandboarding activity
  • Admire the breathtaking sunset
  • Enjoy the golden color of the sea sand and the weaves of the dunes
  • Take pictures 
  • Spend the night in the desert

Frequently asked questions 

Is sandboarding a safe desert activity?

Yes. Sandboarding is a fun activity and even if you fall on the sandboard nothing will happen to you because of the soft sand.

Can non-professional sandboarders try this activity?

Even if it’s your first time experiencing sandboarding, it’s an activity that anyone can participate in and live a memorable moment. Sandboarding doesn’t require any hard guidelines.

Should I buy a board for sand surfing in the Morocco Desert?

If you have one already it’s okay if you want to bring it with you but it’s not necessary to buy one. There are a lot of people who offer boards and give you important guides for safe sandboarding at an affordable price to live a wonderful time in the desert.  

Can I experience camel trekking after experiencing Sandboarding?

For sure. During your stay in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, you can try different desert activities including camel trekking and sand-bath. 

Is Camel a predator or a Pet animal?      

Camel is a lovely pet and live with nomads for several decades. But it’s important to know how to treat him. And that’s why some local professional men and women were raised with camels and they know very well when they should be close to camels and when not to touch them. Also, it’s the traditional eco-transport in the desert and the best way to explore the Desert. 

Where to camp in the Morocco Sahara Desert?

The tourism sector in Morocco is well-developed and the government deals with all details that take off the comfort of tourists including five-star hotels, restaurants, tour guides, and transport. Also in the Sahara Desert, there are multiple choices of accommodations including hotels and bivouacs in the heart of the dunes, so that, you can choose from what suits your need. Furthermore, there are the traditional Berber Tents for a 100% local desert experience.

Is it safe to sleep in the desert?

Yes. Morocco Sahara is safe and you can spend the night outside the tent for the whole night enjoying the charming starry sky and feel the clean air. Desert night is something you shouldn’t miss during your stay in the Sahara of Morocco. But always take caution where ever you go.

Is it so expensive to camp in Morocco Sahara?

No, you have the choice of whether to camp in the desert at an expensive price or to camp at a cheap price. You can camp in the desert of Morocco at an affordable price. But you have to choose the right travel agency and the best accommodation for you. 

Is it possible to hire a transport vehicle in the desert of Morocco? 

Yes, there are a lot of agencies that ranting SUV cars for a big journey in the Sahara. But if you book with a local travel agency you may have this advantage. Your driver will take you where ever you want during your travel around Morocco. 

Is it possible to experience sandboarding in Merzouga?

Yes. You will explore several desert activities that you will love including sandboarding which is famous in Merzouga. The activity takes place in the highest dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga and Erg Chegaga Dunes in M’hamid.

Which language or variety is spoken in the Sahara Desert of Morocco? 

Amazigh and Arabic Moroccan Darija are the spoken varieties in the southeast. However, Hassania is the spoken variety in the South of Morocco by the Sahrouian. 

How long Merzouga to Fes?

There are approximately 462 km from Fes to Merzouga and about 7h of drive. 

How long Merzouga to Marrakech?

There are approximately 557.2 km from Marrakech to Merzouga and about 8h of drive. 

Is the Morocco Sahara worth visiting?

Yes of course. Visiting Morocco is incomplete without visiting the Sahara Desert. Morocco Sahara is a charming landscape that you must visit during your holiday in Morocco.