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Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip

Marrakech Day Trip To Ouzoud Waterfalls

Starting Location

Marrakech Accommodation

Starting time

Around 08:00 am

Tour’s Duration

1 Day

Ending Location

Marrakech Accommodation

Program of the Marrakech Day Trip to Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip, We leave Marrakesh at around 08:30 am and drive toward Northern Africa’s biggest waterfall, the Ouzoud Falls, which are something out of a postcard, and not to be missed! Our day together includes a visit to these breathtaking falls, which offer the traveler an almost permanent rainbow crowning their impressive heights. The falls descend nearly 330ft (110m) and will make a spectacular backdrop for your day trip from Marrakech.

Before arriving at the falls, we will have the chance to drive through the spectacular High Atlas Mountains, stopping along the way to visit a natural bridge carved out of the mountains by nothing more than time! Once we arrive at the falls, we will take a beautiful hike for approximately two hours to reach the bottom the falls. Here we will have the chance to swim and take in the healing powers of these magnificent falls. We will have our pick of restaurants dotting the landscape and can dine on a traditional Tagine while marveling at the nature in front of us. in the Afternoon we arrive back in Marrakech.


Day Trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls Highlights:

  • Travel over the high Atlas Mountains and through countryside fields full of olive groves and green meadows
  • Explore the Ouzoud Waterfalls, feed Barbary monkeys and go for a tour in one of the small boats
  • Go for a hike around the waterfall’s green fields and splendid views of the falls from the top
  • Treat yourself to a delicious tagine is one of the many restaurants’ terraces overlooking the waterfalls
  • A visit is scheduled to the “Door of the cave”, a fascinating natural beauty

Tour Include :

  • English-speaking driver
  • Private 4×4 with AC
  • Fuel

Not included :

  • Flight ticket
  • Drinks
  • Lunches
  • What is not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entrance to the monument

All the above-mentioned are not included in the price.

why it’s important to experience a day trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls when you are in Marrakech?

Experiencing a day trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls when you are in Marrakech can be a fantastic adventure for several reasons:

  1. Natural Beauty: Ouzoud Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Morocco. The falls cascade down a series of terraces, creating a breathtaking spectacle of cascading water surrounded by lush greenery. The scenery is truly mesmerizing and offers a refreshing break from the bustling city life of Marrakech.
  2. Proximity to Marrakech: Ouzoud Waterfalls are located approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles) northeast of Marrakech, making it easily accessible for a day trip. You can enjoy a scenic drive through the Moroccan countryside and witness the changing landscapes along the way.
  3. Adventure and Hiking Opportunities: The area around the waterfalls offers fantastic opportunities for adventure and hiking enthusiasts. You can explore the trails that lead you to different viewpoints, allowing you to admire the waterfalls from various angles. The hike can be as easy or challenging as you prefer, and you can enjoy the refreshing mist of the falls as you get closer to them.
  4. Wildlife and Nature: Ouzoud Waterfalls are not only a visual delight but also a haven for wildlife. You can spot a variety of bird species, including the striking Barbary macaques, which are indigenous to the area. Watching these playful monkeys in their natural habitat can be an incredible experience for animal lovers.
  5. Cultural Experience: During your day trip, you can also immerse yourself in the local culture. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with the local Berber communities and learn about their way of life. You can savor traditional Moroccan cuisine at local restaurants, shop for handicrafts and souvenirs, and perhaps even witness traditional music and dance performances.
  6. Boat Ride and Swimming: If you’re looking for a refreshing experience, you can take a boat ride along the base of the falls, allowing you to get even closer to the cascading waters. Additionally, during the warmer months, you can cool off by taking a swim in the natural pools formed by the falls, offering a delightful respite from the Moroccan heat.

Overall, a day trip to Ouzoud Waterfalls from Marrakech combines natural beauty, adventure, wildlife, cultural immersion, and relaxation, making it a wonderful addition to your itinerary and an excellent escape from the city.

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Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls Map