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About Me

I’m the owner of In Morocco Trips, the new-generation Moroccan Travel Agency. I’m glad to share with you my story of tourism since I was a kid as well as to share with you my experience of guiding and traveling with tourists over 10 years ago.

Tourism is my life and tourists are my family. I love to learn about different cultures and help travelers to explore the beauty of Morocco.

Free Birds travel everywhere. Be a Bird and explore Morocco!

Mustapha - Owner of the inmoroccotrips agency

About Mustapha

The Owner of In Morocco Trips & Tour Guide

My name is Mustapha, the founder of In Morocco Trips. I was born and raised in the Sahara Desert of Merzouga. Since I was a kid, my family used to welcome tourists to our home, so I used to see and interact with different tourists from different nations. Since then, the passion for tourism starts getting bigger day after day and year by year. And the love of tourists gets bigger. I first started my first experience as a tour guide with a local travel agency in Merzouga about 10 years. During these years, I become a professional tour guide in Desert Safaries, Moroccan attractions, and tours all over Morocco.

For me, tourism is not a job or a sector; tourism is an international world where millions of people from different countries speaking different languages meet. Moroccan Tourism is the oxygen that keeps me alive and keeps me breath. I love to guide and share my culture, history, and Moroccan attractions, with others. And because I was born in the Sahara Desert, I know very well the Nomadic Life, and also I know the desert and all its area. You will explore the Moroccan Sahara Desert from a local perspective.

The love of tourism pushed me to think of building my own local operator and making my dream bigger. In 2020, the dream became real and I started my own local travel agency under the name In Morocco Trips. Within a short time, we reached thousands of tourists all over the world and that’s because of our professional experience and the great service we offer to our clients. 

I first started alone but now, Thanks to God, I have three families: my own family, my team, and tourists whether the previous ones or the future tourists.

I’m funny with tourists during the tour. Serious in hard situations. And I’m tolerant. My hobbies are a lot include learning about different cultures, traveling with tourists, trekking camel, and driving. 

I wake up every day to develop our tourism services in Morocco and be better than what we are now. Our goal is to offer the best Morocco Travel Tours for a marvelous experience.

My team and I are always ready to welcome you at different Morocco airports and take you on a memorable tour around the Kingdom and make your holiday in Morocco the best one ever.