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Discover The 15 Top Activities in Marrakech | What To Do?

Best things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is a vibrant and culturally rich city located in Morocco, North Africa. It’s one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, known for its bustling markets, historic architecture, and colorful atmosphere. Here are the top 15 activities to do in Marrakech:

1. Stroll around Marrakech’s Medina

The most picturesque parts of Marrakech are between the ramparts of the Medina. Best of all, everything within these buildings is reachable on feet.

The unique activities in Marrakech are getting into the souk. The street vendors will make every effort to shop you something in the numerous small shops that are present.
The souks (traditional market) are some of the busiest places in Marrakech when I visited both times. People are swarming the streets in an attempt to get around, and locals will attempt to cross you while riding both motorbikes and bicycles at the same time.
Therefore, while sensory overload might challenge to manage, if you look your best, you might also get some lovely mementos!

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2. Wander through the spice souk in Marrakech

The best location to uncover some of the unfamiliar spices is the Spice Market, which is found inside the souk in Marrakech. Before trying their best to sell them to you, neighborhood vendors on the street let you smell a wide variety of them. Just remember to account for your money converter. 10 grams of salt of eucalyptus would cost me €30, according to one of these individuals.
ADVICE: Have lunch on Nomad’s upper terrace for a breathtaking view of the traditional market.

3. Discover the Koutoubia Gardens and Mosque

The Mosque of Koutoubia and its minaret are off-limits to non-Muslims, but on Fridays when it is time for prayer, visitors may catch a glimpse inside. The muezzin of the Koutoubia mosque, the biggest mosque in this red city, calls the faithful to prayer five times daily above the clamor of Jemaa El Fna.
The green expanse of Koutoubia Gardens, which extends behind the Koutoubia and is dotted with palm trees, is a well-liked place for strolling, lounging in the park, and totally taking a rest. If you are sick of weaving around motorbikes in the medina’s winding alleyways, get the locals’ advice and come for a tranquil meander.

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4. Go to the Secret Garden

The Jardin Secret flung welcomes its visitors for the first time ever recorded! This beautiful garden is tucked away in the Medina’s middle and is an equatorial haven where you would like to get away from the activity outside.
The Jardin Secret is one of many lavish Andalusian and Berber palaces that have come before it. Thus, visitors can explore the area’s magnificent examples of Berber art and architecture, including its gardens and buildings.
The business is open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (7.30 pm from March until September).
80MAD for admission

5. Check out the Museum of Dar El Bacha

Marrakech, the capital city of Morocco, is home to Dar El Bacha, referred to as the Confluence Museum. It is a panoramic palace that dates back to the 18th C and symbolizes the luxuriant culture and history of the neighborhood.
The architectural design of El Bacha’s Dar in Marrakech is seriously fabulous. The palace is made up of a number of structures related to a network of gardens and courtyards. The palace has a vibrant and striking appearance thanks to the complex mosaics and vibrant tiles that decorate the walls.
Here you will also detect one of Marrakech’s top teahouses. However, because the wait can last up to two hours, you should show up right when it opens.
The time of operation is Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Entrance: 60 60 MAD

6. Be amazed by the Madrasa of Ben Youssef, one of Marrakech’s top tourist attractions

After many years of renovations, the Madrasa, a college for Muslims, has just reopened in Marrakech. Although I have never seen it like this, it is originally splendor the complex details are breathtaking.
The largest and most significant Islamic university in Morocco is the Ben Youssef Madrasa. On Abdullah al-Ghalib’s instructions, it was rebuilt in 1565 after being constructed in the 14th century. More than 900 students have resided there in its more than 130 rooms.
The business is open from 9 am to 6 pm every day.
10MAD for admission

7. Go to the Jardin Majorelle site

The more well-liked tourist destination in Marrakech is Le Jardin Majorelle. Nearly all visitors will visit there eventually. The most crucial piece of advice I can give is to go as soon as you can for the unique experience.
Only online, and a slot time must be selected, are tickets available for purchase. We had the garden with us for a good while because we arrived at the designated time. When we got inside, a line of people had already formed outside.
The business is open from 8 am to 6 pm.
150MAD for admission
Tip: Go to the Museum of Yves Saint Laurent before going to Le Jardin Majorelle.

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8. View the residents of Jemaa el Fna’s yard

It is the well-known square in Marrakech is Jemaa el Fna Square, which comes to life in the afternoon or early evening. There are many different vendors there as well as local performers who hypnotize cobras.
Avoid snakes if you dislike them. They will also demand money from you if you take pictures or videos or if you get close to them to watch.
TIP: Pickpockets are active in this place, so always keep an eye on your possessions.

9. Go to the Palace of El Badi

Visitation to the Palace of El Badi was among the highlights of my trip to Marrakech. Particularly considering that there were hardly any other patrons when we arrived, just after the restaurant had opened.
There are rumors that “not finished” (El Badi) was a palace that had more than 300 rooms, which were decorated in turquoise, gold, and unique crystal.
El Badi Palace will appeal to anyone who enjoyed the Roman Forum and wanted to see the Athens’ Acropolis. You can see how grand the building once was from its enormous, destroyed courtyard. It belongs to the best sights of Marrakech and can be had by climbing the walls at El Badi.
The business is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
70MAD for admission

10. Explore the Kasbah, which is one of the favorite spots in Marrakech.

A sizable walled area in the southern of Marrakech’s medina known as the Kasbah was the city’s Castle and Royal fort complex for many years.
The Bab Agnaou Gate and the stunning Kasbah mosque are significant structures that are still standing today. The district’s remaining areas are made up of a variety of monuments and neighborhoods.
The Saadian Tombs, Palace of El Badi, and Bahia Palace are some of Marrakech’s Kasbah’s most well-known sights.

11. Visit the Palace of Bahia

It is a 19th-century structure in Marrakech, Morocco. It has a number of gardens as well as rooms embellished with stunning stucco, paintings, and mosaics. It was intended for the Bahia Palace as the most opulent palace ever built.
The best experience can be had by arriving early because it is one of Marrakech’s most popular tourist destinations. When we got there around 11 a.m., every nook and cranny was packed with people, making it impossible for me to take any decent pictures.
The business is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
70MAD for admission

12. Travel to Marrakech to see the Tombs of Saadian

The Saadian Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are part of the Medina as a whole. The impeccable mausoleums make up the historic tomb complex, which belongs now to Marrakech’s most visited sites.
Seven sultans’ tombs and 62 Saadian dynasty relatives’ tombs are located in the complex.
The business is open from 9 am to 5 pm.
70MAD for admission
A prolonged line may develop to see Al Mansour’s chamber from approximately 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. due to the heavy traffic of tour groups at the location. Choose between coming late and arriving early to view the tombs in peace.

13. The top spas in Morocco

A great activity to do in Red City is to visit a neighborhood spa and make reservations for a traditional massage and a hammam. After a beloved journey spent amidst the chaos and traffic of the old Medina, you will need to be pampered, I assure you.
It is always a smart move to make your spa reservation a day or days in advance.

14. Cooking classes in Marrakech

We cordially ask you to visit and learn about the succulent, spiciness of our cuisine while on vacation in fascinating settings.
Moroccan food is well-known and healthy, and it incorporates elements of Berber, African, and other traditions. Morocco has a plentiful supply of fresh food that is locally grown because of the gorgeous year-round weather, climate, and extensive lotion.
The produce prepares a unique range of delectable dishes like Tagines, Salads, Couscous, and Berber flatbreads when combined with an imaginative array of spices, herbs, and oils. The enormous variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is in the hands of families and chefs can be seen by taking a stroll through a souk.
Moroccan food is enticing to watch, subtly spiced with delicate flavor harmonies, loaded with bio ingredients, and delectable to eat. It is a synthesis of Berber, Arabian, and other influences, and has been referred to as “the perfumed soul of Moroccan culture.”

15. Spend a half day in Agafay Desert experiencing different activities

The Agafay desert in Marrakech is famous for its different desert activities. If you want to live a venture moment, you can join a Quad Bike journey, trekking camel, or experience the balloon air.
Before engaging in any activity, it’s essential to choose a reputable tour operator who values sustainability and respects the environment and local communities. Additionally, be sure to check the weather conditions and pack accordingly, especially if you plan to spend an extended period in the desert.

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More Information about Marrakech

Moroccan food is delicious!

Do not continue reading if you anticipate a structured, classroom-style cooking course. Our Berber-Arab cooking classes emphasize spending time together in a lovely setting while learning the Berber cooking method in a more relaxed and private environment.
Since the majority of Berber food is “slow food” and the Berbers do not rush, you have to be in a place that is both picturesque and laid-back. The Berber experience encompasses all of it.
…then visit and discover why Moroccan cuisine is so delectable!
We will have a wonderful day knowing about our traditional cooking from a welcoming and friendly family. It has my unequivocal support. It is preferable to do it in this beloved city.
Workshops offer a tantalizing peek into Morocco’s countless and diverse culinary delights. Any Moroccan vacation would benefit from them because they are quick, spicy, and tasty.
Amazing Local will be your first purchase. After that, you will enter the cuisine and begin working under the guidance of your neighborhood chef. The delicious fruits of your labor are finally ready, so you might unwind and enjoy them.
Taking a cooking class over the holidays
These nights’ trips offer a laid-back way to explore local attractions and learn more about Moroccan cuisine.
Traditional lodging with contemporary conveniences is provided for each night of your vacation so you can unwind comfortably. A guide, transportation between locations, as well as numerous cooking with skilled Moroccan chefs, are all included. There is more time to engage in adventures like traveling between locations or discovering the neighborhood where you are staying.

Restaurants in Marrakesh

Traditional and contemporary fusion restaurants can be found in abundance in Marrakech. The following is a list of my top restaurants, which I tried in as many as I could in those three days.
Lunch in the afternoon or dinner in the evening are both perfect at Le Jardin. The comfortable place to rest there is in their magnificent inner courtyard. They had chicken tagine and avocado toast, both of which I enjoyed.
My absolute favorite dining establishment in Marrakech is the Jardin de Lotus, which is great for lunch. While their truffle macaroni is incredible, their interior courtyard is stunning.
Overlooking the souk’s spice in Marrakech’s souk, Nomad is a very well-liked eatery.
The rooftop by Medina Heritage is perfect for evening beverages while taking in views of the Koutoubia.
Dardar is one of Marrakech’s best rooftop restaurants for viewing the setting sun.
TIP – Due to Morocco’s Islamic heritage, not many bars offer alcoholic beverages. It is best to review their menu in advance to prevent disappointment.
Among Marrakech’s, top concept stores
While you are shopping at the souk, there are attractive items elsewhere. Alternatively, look into these concept stores in Marrakech.
The unique store in Marrakech to shop at is Galerie Dar El Bacha if you are looking for unusual items to make your home fascinating.
33 Rue Majorelle is an amazing concept shop with reasonably priced clothing that has a Moroccan flair. In addition, they sell adorable baby products!
If you are in Marrakech, you should definitely check out the El Fna store, which is a section of the El Fna hotel.

Accommodations in Marrakech

If you are thinking of visiting Marrakech for a city break, I suggest staying in Riad in the medina so you can walk to the main sights.

Important: It can be difficult to find your way around the medina’s maze of curvy streets. There are several directions and to prevent getting lost, download the Marrakech app before you depart.

Or to have a wonderful experience in Marrakech covering all that must be experienced, you can book with one of the top travel agencies in Morocco.