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4×4 Journey in the Morocco Sahara Desert – 4×4 Dune Bashing

Join a 4X4 Desert Journey – A wonderful Desert Activity in Morocco

About 4×4 Desert Trip in the Sahara of Morocco

A 4×4 journey in the Sahara Desert of Morocco is a great activity for those who love SUVs vehicle. The journey by 4×4 in the desert takes you to the attractions of the desert and venture experience. Your driver will take you from your desert camp or hotel in Merzouga and takes you on a journey to the famous village of Khamliya, a village of blacks known as Gnawa. You will explore nomads’ life by joining a local famil for a cup of tea. Then, you head to the ancient oasis village of Hassi l-Biad. For lunch, it’s better to try the Berber Pizza called Medfouna. Later, you head to the Erg Chebbi Dunes for sports activities such as Dune Bashing by 4×4 and go to the Parell Dakara where the biggest desert race takes place each year in Morocco. In the area of the Merzouga desert, you will see the copper minerals fossils. After that, you will hike a high dunes by the 4×4 to attend the magical sunset. Finally, you get back to your desert camp for spending the night enjoying the breathtaking starry sky.

The 4X4 Desert Journey takes about 4 to 5 hours. 

Highlights of the 4×4 Desert Journey

  • Explore Morocco Sahara Desert
  • Visit the village of Khamlia
  • Join a Berber Family for a cup of tea
  • Visit Hassi El-Bied Oasis
  • 4X4 Dune Bashing
  • Visit the Parell Dakar
  • Discover the copper minerals fossils
  • Hike high dune by a 4X4 vehicle
  • Watch the Beautiful sunset
  • Spend the night in a desert camp 

Frequently Asked Questions about 4X4 Desert Activity 

Is the 4X4 Desert Journey worth experiencing?

Yes. For SUV lovers, it’s a venture and a lifetime experience. A 4X4 trip in the desert of Morocco allows you to explore the most attractions of the desert and deep into the harsh points that you can’t reach with another vehicle.

Why 4X4 is the best vehicle to explore the desert?

4X4 is more comfortable for driving in the desert because of the four wheels system. It hikes dunes easily and most people find it more venture. If you’re with family or friends, it’s a suitable vehicle. 

Is Dune Bashing dangerous?

For non-professional drivers dune bashing sport is dangerous. So, you need a professional driver to live this extraordinary experience during your stay in the Sahara Desert of Morocco.