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The Best Quad Biking & Buggy Riding in Morocco Desert

Journey by a Quad or Buggy Bike in the Desert

About Quad or Buggy Bike in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Quad biking and buggy riding in Morocco’s Sahara Desert offer more than just an adrenaline rush; they provide a unique opportunity to connect with the raw, untouched beauty of one of the world’s most iconic landscapes. It’s a chance to leave ordinary life behind and embrace the untamed spirit of the desert, to feel the pulse of adventure beat in harmony with the rhythm of the sands.

Quad biking and buggy riding in the Saha Desert of Morocco is a greater opportunity for both, people who love biking and also for those who never try a quad or a buggy before because riding in the desert is safe. Camping in the Sahara Desert of Morocco is incomplete without experiencing different desert activities to live the adventure. The quad or the buggy can make it easy for you to explore the desert and deep into the heart of dunes. Also are the best vehicles to hike the high dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga and Erg Chegaga in M’hamid because of their four-wheel stability. At the top of the dunes, you can attend the breathtaking sunset on your quad or buggy bike. 

The journey of biking starts from your accommodation in the Sahara towards the heart of the desert and then you take a journey around to visit some famous villages such as Khamlia Town in Merzouga region.

There are many agencies that rent Quad and Buggy bikes, and if you don’t want to drive or you don’t know how there are professional drivers with long experience who can take you to the best places in the desert and take you to visit the attractions in the Sahara.

Remember that you’re a tourist, so you have to enjoy more, try new things, and learn about new cultures. Don’t hesitate to experience anything that can make your holiday in the Morocco desert a lifetime.

For professionals, there is the SUVs race including Buggy and Quad bikes and which take place in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, on Aprile of each year. So it’s your chance to register and participate in a big show like this one.

FAQ about Buggy and Quad Bikes in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Where can I find a buggy or a quad bike in the Desert?

There are many agencies in the desert of Morocco, such as the Merzouga Desert, that offer buggy and quad bikes for rent.

Can I drive a Buggy or a Quad bike in the desert without a driving license?

Yes. But you will have a professional driver who will be with you during your journey for guidance and for your safety as well. 

Can I have a Quad driver who can take me on a journey in the desert?

Yes. There are many experienced quad drivers in the desert of Morocco who are ready to take you on an adventure journey to the most beautiful places in the desert. 

Why a quad or a buggy is the best vehicle for desert safaris and off-road journeys?

Because of the four wheels’ stability, a buggy or a quad has the power to reach the hardest places in the desert and can hike the dunes smoothly.  

Which language or variety is spoken in the Sahara Desert of Morocco? 

Amazigh and Arabic Moroccan Darija are the spoken varieties in the southeast. However, Hassania is the spoken variety in the South of Morocco by the Sahrouian. 

How far is Merzouga from Fes?

There are approximately 462 km from Fes to Merzouga and about 7h of drive. 

How far is Merzouga from Marrakech?

There are approximately 557.2 km from Marrakech to Merzouga and about 8h of drive. 

How far is Erg Chegaga Desert from Marrakech?

257 km is the distance betwee Marrakech to Erg Chegaga dunes. It’s considered the closest desert for hiking from Marrakech. 

Is the Morocco Sahara worth visiting?

Yes of course. Visiting Morocco is incomplete without visiting the Sahara Desert. Morocco Sahara is a charming landscape that you must visit during your holiday in Morocco.