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Sand Bath in Morocco: A Desert Activity or Rheumatism Cure?

Taking a Sand Bath in Merzouga – A Wonderful Desert Activity

About Sand Bath in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

A sand bath is a desert activity and traditional treatment for people who suffer from pain in their bonds and arthritis (rheumatism). Today Merzouga’s Desert is an international hospital for rheumatism and people come from all over the world for this traditional cure. The process of this operation is to bury your buddy in the hot sand. The hot temperature makes your buddy wet which helps in arthritis cure. Some people and even if they don’t have rheumatism, take a sand bath for fun. Not all people can bury themselves in the sand, there are experienced men who know better how to make the treatment safe for both people who search for a cure and the ones who want just to have fun. 

In this desert experience, you will have a sand bath to get your body refreshed and enjoy the golden sea sand of Merzouga.

Taking a Sand Bath in the desert of Morocco will allow you to live an extraordinary adventure experiencing a traditional hospital and enjoying the golden sand.

Highlights of the Sand Bath Desert Activity in the Sahara of Morocco

  • Camel trek from your accommodation to the sand
  • Bury yourself in the sand
  • Getting covered in a blanket after the experience
  • Take shower

Frequently asked question

Is it safe to bury yourself in the desert?

Yes. People who live in the south of Morocco used to bury themselves in the sand many years ago and nothing happened to them. There has never been an accident or a problem that happened to someone because of burial in the Sahara. But, it’s important to have the experience with a professional man for your safety. 

Can anyone experience a Sand Bath or burial in the desert?

No. Professional buriers in the desert advise people who have serious diseases such as heart disease to not participate in this desert activity or cure treatment (for people with arthritis symptoms).

What to bring for burial activity in the Sahara Desert of Morocco?

The important thing you should have in the desert is water for burial or for any other desert activity. You should bring an umbrella to protect your face under the hot sun and it would be better if you put sunscreen before a sand bath. Also, you should bring a blanket to cover your body after the sand bath to make sure not have a cold after the experience. 

Does my body get burned under the hot sand during the sand bath?     

No. The goal of burying your body in the sand is to get wet and be warm inside. But, you should know exactly the best time to take a sand bath and how long you should stay buried. 

How long I should stay buried in the sand?

If the sand is very hot, you can stay for 10 to 15 minutes maximum. And if the sand is not too hot and the sun is a little colder, you may stay from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

For what reason do Moroccans bury their bodies in the sand? 

People in the south of Morocco used to bury themselves in the sand because they believe that getting wet under the sand and being warmed is a better cure for rheumatism. And because several people get batter after the treatment, burial in the Sahara of Morocco become famous and people come from all over the world to take this traditional cure. Also, people can bury themselves in the sand just for enjoying the experience. 

Which language or variety is spoken in the Sahara Desert of Morocco? 

Amazigh and Arabic Moroccan Darija are the spoken varieties in the southeast. However, Hassania is the spoken variety in the South of Morocco by the Sahrouian. 

How long Merzouga to Fes?

There are approximately 462 km from Fes to Merzouga and about 7h of drive. 

How long Merzouga to Marrakech?

There are approximately 557.2 km from Marrakech to Merzouga and about 8h of drive. 

Is the Morocco Sahara worth visiting?

Yes of course. Visiting Morocco is incomplete without visiting the Sahara Desert. Morocco Sahara is a charming landscape that you must visit during your holiday in Morocco. 

What are the best attractions on the way to the Morocco Sahara?

Several attractions in the south of Morocco can’t be counted all, but I will give you some:

  • Tizi n’Tichka Pass
  • Ouarzazate Studios
  • Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah
  • Taliouet Kasbah
  • Kalat Megouna
  • Thousand Kasbahs Road
  • Dades Gorges
  • Todgha Gorges
  • Merzouga Desert
  • Erg Chebbi Dunes
  • Hassi el Biad
  • Khamlia Village
  • Rissani
  • Daraa Valley 
  • Zagora
  • Erg Cheggaga